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Drain and Sewer Services

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Over time and with regular use, blockages in your drain and sewer system are inevitable. Your sewer line is likely buried deep beneath your yard to keep it out of sight. However, this lack of visibility also means it can be difficult to determine when you have a problem and can pose a real risk to health if the sewage overflows. We, offering drain and sewer services, can unblock, clean and repair your sewers.

Often clearing a clogged drain is just fixing the symptom of a much larger problem, especially if you have had to do it repeatedly.

The drain and sewer services we offer include:

Drain cleaning
Sewer cleaning
Drain repair/unblocking
Hydro jetting
Video pipe inspection


You want a plumber who will go the extra mile and figure out what is really going on behind the scenes. You want the experts at Plumbing Services Tarzana. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and excellent customer satisfaction. Get in touch with the professionals at Plumbing Services Tarzana (747)322-0011 and lets WOW you with out incredible drain and sewer services.

Your home has several important drain locations, including:

Utility room
Drain & Sewer Inspection Service


Drain and sewer problems and leaks can be found in hard to reach places. We offer thorough drain inspections and repairs to address repairs for drain stoppers, drain pipes in the wall, the shower, and much more! We can assist you in locating any sewer and drain problems, whether inside or outside your home. Our plumbers look at ways to relieve any pressure build up in the sewer or drain, pushing any waste out of the way, and continue to monitor and evaluate how well the drain is functioning.

Clean the drain and sewer – Let the water run through them easily

drain and sewer cleaning

Do you have a clogged sewer and drain? Is there any slow draining tub and sink in your house? Is there a bad odor, coming out of the drain? In all these situations, you have to give a call to our drain and sewer cleaners. At Plumbing Services Tarzana, we have the best cleaning solutions for you. Drain and sewer clog is one of the recurring problems, and you may rely on our team to get the best outcome.

Our professional process is better than ordinary cleaners

We have now gained reputation for our special skills on Drain and Sewer Cleaning process. We apply the most effective and safest techniques for your drains. Our technique never causes a damage to the adjacent pipe. Our target is to serve you with the best cleanup of the drain and sewer.

Never think of buying any average standard cleaning solution. These cleaners can cause a ruin to your drains or pipes. To keep away from all the headaches. For unclogging your drains, you can hire our team. We present you with the professional and prompt services to make your drain reusable to you. We have the high-powered tools to take the debris out of the drains and sewers.

Don’t know whether you have to appoint our drain cleaners? The common symptoms of the problem are-

  • Accumulated water in your tub and sink
  • Issues in toilet flushing
  • You are waiting for much time in refilling the toilet after flushing

There may be lots of other signs for drain clogging, and while you have noticed them, you can hire our professionals.

Clean the drain and prevent the clogging

The clogs in the drain are never formed in a day. Every day you use your plumbing units, and the drain collects waste, grease, dirt and various other types of debris. In most cases, we have found that food particles, hair, mineral sediments and oil are the major factors, causing the blockage to the drain. They impede the smooth water flow, and it’s really inconvenient to you. Thus, never overlook these issues since they result in sewer backup in due time. Hire our drain and cleaners’ team. Trust our professionals, while you are feeling the distress for drains.

Drain cleaning- It’s our task

Without the right skill, you will not be able to handle drain and sewer blockages. However, our team has knowledge and dedication to accomplish the task for you. For example, we never use any harsh chemical, which may cause corrosion to the pipes and affect the surround environment. Our company has also in stock special drain and sewer cleaning tool. This unit helps us in cleaning your drainage system in the fastest way. For full drain cleaning solution, we are the best choice for you. Plumbing Services Tarzana take out all the blockages, present in your drains.

We also use jetting tools for our cleaning purposes. We set them up within few minutes, and then, remove the blockages from sewers. The turbulent water action helps us in cleaning the sewer line with no issue.

Don’t know when to call our team?

Sewer line and drains can get blocked anytime. Therefore there is no particular time when you have to look for our professional solution. However, we think that you must preventative steps annually. Our annual drain cleaning keeps you away from all types of issues. Contact us for Drain and Sewer Services today!